Personal Development

As well as group sessions for businesses, Joe Craig offers one-on-one or small group training. A little personal attention goes a long way.

Public Speaking

For some, the most daunting challenge. For others, a bit of a mystery you just need to muddle through. Or maybe you’re already accomplished at ‘saying a few words’ and you’re just looking for that extra something that takes you to the next level. That’s ChatNav. Making a speech at a wedding? Giving a presentation at work? Don’t just get it over with. Relish it. Enjoy it. If that sounds implausible, wait until you find out about ChatNav.

And once you’ve mastered the workings of ChatNav, you won’t be needing any notes to make a speech.


Worried about how to break the ice on a first date? What about how to make sure it stays melted away and the conversation never freezes over again? Supercharge your conversation, whether it’s for dating, networking, seduction, hosting or just everyday chat.

Even long established couples can open new avenues of communication once they realise how their conversations fit into ChatNav.

Sometimes we’re talking but not getting through, whether it’s with family, friends or colleagues. Not sure why you don’t seem to be connecting with a particular person? Next time you talk, really talk. Let ChatNav help you be heard – and understand what’s really being said back to you.

Most people are stuck in a conversation rut and never realise it, until ChatNav brings out the complete conversationalist inside you.

Get in touch with Joe Craig by email ( or using the form below to ask about how you can work together and discover what ChatNav can offer you:

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