Group Coaching

Your company could be really communicating. Your team could be better connected.


ChatNav gets you closer to people, faster. There are no cheap tricks, and no ‘one-rule-fits-all’ solutions. It’s about connecting more easily and learning how to dazzle when you need to, on cue.

Want to be more memorable? You’ll need to understand the underlying structure of conversation, and that’s ChatNav. Want to extend a conversation with a key player… or move on quickly to a more valuable contact? Again: ChatNav.

Did you realise that the way different contacts make conversation can tell you about the most effective way to do business with them further down the line? ChatNav really kicks into gear when it comes to sales and negotiation.

Joe Craig can send you into your next networking opportunity with a whole new set of skills. Oh, and you’ll never forget anybody’s name again.


Uniquely among performance coaches, Joe Craig isn’t limited to boosting the delivery of your speeches. The experience and research that he’s brought together into the ChatNav philosophy gives you the tools to hone the content too. Style and substance combine.

Sure, posture matters. Gesture is key. Breathing is all important. But there’s so much that other ‘speech gurus’ can’t cover – because they don’t know about ChatNav. And as a best-selling novelist, Joe Craig knows more than most about story. Shape your story well and an audience will be on the edge of their seats, remembering every point you make for a long time.

Deliver your message with more power. Hit home with a wider audience, or learn how to focus on a more precise target. Do all of that with ChatNav and, almost as a side-effect, you’ll find you’re giving speeches without notes.


Developing your conversation skills in a group is one of the easiest and most fun ways to unlock a new power you never realised you could have. Learn to lead, motivate, persuade… and listen.

Joe Craig can open your eyes to the way all conversation works and suddenly you’ll have the skills to connect with more people, more quickly. Yes, you can learn the ‘gift of the gab’. Yes, you can learn how to ‘hold the room’.

Other coaches may trot out the same old truisms about body language and conversation ‘tricks’, but what should you actually SAY? ChatNav is more substantial, but it’s simple. It’s a whole new approach to conversation.

Get in touch with Joe Craig by email ( or using the form below to ask about how you can work together and discover what ChatNav can offer you:

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